We have worked with Isabella since 1999, she is highly professional, very knowledgeable and definitely the best in her field.
Isabella's landscape project for Le Sirenuse's is highly appreciated by all our Guests, so much so that we have a garden tour for the aficionados in our Calendar of Activities.
Isabella has also designed the plants that adorn Franco's Bar, our latest addition that opened in 2016.
Whenever we plan a restructuring of our outdoor and indoor spaces both in the Hotel and in our home gardens, we always call Isabella.
I am pasting two articles by Lee Marshal on Le Sirenuse Journal, both mention Isabella Casali di Monticelli as our Landscape designer: http://sirenusejournal.com/en/le-sirenuse/le-sirenuse-s-green-world. - http://sirenusejournal.com/en/le-sirenuse/new-in-positano-francos-bar
We are very happy to have her in our team and love her work.

Giulia Sersale
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